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ICT (Computer) Classes 2009-2010




 For the past 3 years we have been offering Level 1 and 2 OCR CLAIT classes in:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets(EXCEL)
  • Presentations (POWERPOINT)
  • Internet/Email (YAHOO and OUTLOOK) .

For further information about CLAIT click the link below:

Sean using the Interactive Whiteboard

Classes are for up to 10 students and consist of a 2.5 hour lesson every week for 7-8 weeks. There is an examination resulting in a certificate for those interested. We take pride in the fact we have a very high pass rate. We believe this is due to the high level of support given to students through demonstartion on an Interactive Whiteboard, class discussions, a see and do approach to learning, one to one assistance and CD ROM video clips of all that we do in class.

The level of English needed is at least Entry level 2 as the content of the materials can be difficult to understand if any lower than this. Some degree of IT competence (using a keyboard and mouse) is also necessary before starting a course.

Check if you need help with these skills.

Courses run when there is enough demand. Contact Sean by completing the online ICT(computer) enquiry form or come in and complete a yellow IT application form or download it here and send it in, indicating when you are available for a class and what subject (see above) and level you want to study. We will get back as soon as we can offer you a place in a class.

Recently, we ran a pilot class where we provided ICT training for the staff of a small business, Headjogs. These trainers are increasingly in need of basic ICT skills in their work and to complete training courses. All of the students enjoyed the claseses and now hold CLAIT qualifications as a measure of their success.

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If your business might be interested in finding out what we can do for you, please complete the Computer enquiry form or email Sean Gooch at the above email address.




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